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Scooby Doo Community
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Scooby Doo
Welcome to the Scooby Doo Community! This is a place where Scooby lovers can come together and chat about the various incarnations of the franchise.

Here are the community's ground rules:

-Follow the LJ TOS (Terms of Service)

-This should go without saying, but posts have to be relevant to Scooby Doo.

-Be civil. No flaming, trolling, or posting obscene stuff.

-As far as content rules go...personally, I'd prefer to keep explicit, NC-17 level stuff out of this comm. This is Scooby Doo after all and youngsters can easily stumble on this place via a Google search and/or their own LJ accounts. As for where the line is between R and NC-17; I'll trust the members of this comm to use their best judgment. And I would advise anyone posting a borderline, hard-R fanfic or fanart to put in under a members' lock and an lj-cut just to be on the safe side.


-Dinkley/Rogers- A community focused on the Velma/Shaggy pairing

-Tourist_Traps- A Mystery Incorporated centric community

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