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This comic is a real treat. It was written AND drawn by people who actually worked on the show. So it looks and feels like watching a "lost episode" in storyboard form. Best $6 I ever spent. ^_^



And a cheesy PSA starring Archie!

When I read it, I got the feeling that Archie was only helping Wheelchair Girl get the part because he wanted to make out with her in front of Betty and Veronica (and then, perhaps, add her to his harem). Of course, that's probably because I never liked Archie nor did I understand why two hotties have spent decades fighting over him. Oh well. :P

We now return to our regularly scheduled program!!

YIKES! That title is kinda grim for a Pup episode, isn't it? O_O

And no old-school comic is complete without a "Letters to the Editor" page!


The first story was predictable; but I don't care because it was cute. However, I can't help wondering how Scooby was able to afford a cell phone because I'm old enough to remember how expensive those things were back in the day (the only people who had them before 1998 were doctors, CEOs, and drug dealers XD).

I loved it when Velma pulled a pizza oven out of her computer case (apparently, computers could do that back in the 1980s) and had Shaggy and Scooby's favorite pizza ready to go.

And, as usual, Snarky-Daphne stole the show. The art was so fun and expressive that I could hear the actress in my head when I read the dialogue.

The second story was great, too. Daphne scared the living crap out of her friends just to prove that she could! I LOVE this girl!

Seriously, it boggles my mind that Dumb-Fred carried over into future Scooby canons but Snarky-Daphne didn't. That change really helped to make her character more fun. And Snarky-Daphne has more chemistry with Dumb-Fred than Twitterpated-Bimbo-Daphne does.

It's a shame that the Hanna-Barbera comic series only made one Pup comic. But at least they went all out and got actual writers and artists from the show to work on it. It shows that they really cared about giving the show a last hurrah.