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70s Comic Scans: Gold Key #25

In this issue the gang gets roped into an adventure with Candidate Dracula, Scooby Doo gets political, and Daphne enters a haunted beauty pageant!


Am I the only one who finds "Fraidy Cat Velma" absolutely ADORABLE? ^_^;

If Mr Ladacur's family wanted the American populace to ignore their heinous crimes come election time, they should have changed their name to "Kennedy". XD

Poor Scooby. He's still naive enough to believe that a politician will keep a promise.

......because he's a better choice than any of the people currently vying for that position. XD

This next story is just AWESOME. It's a Daphne-centric plot where she enters a beauty pageant. That description may sound lame. But this actually succeeds at being a great story, an insight into Daphne's character, and most importantly...
...it's a story centered on Daphne's good looks that doesn't exploit Daphne OR denigrate Velma!! That's right, a Scooby Doo comic published in 1974 is more realistic and respectful in it's treatment of female characters than a certain other Scooby cartoon that aired just a few weeks ago!!

Note to self: NEVER insult Daphne's hair.

Is it just me, or did Velma enjoy that torture makeover session WAY too much?

I think she looks more like Lucille Ball than Liz Taylor or Lassie. But hey, whatever floats your boats, fellas! XD

...is....is the contestant on the far left dressed up as a slutty version of Mickey Mouse from The Sorcerer's Apprentice!? O_O

I freakin' LOVE that group hug in the upper-right corner! ^_^

LOL. The 70s comic book version of Scooby is such a bitchy diva. And I LOVE him for it!! XD

I just adore this story. It does the cliche "beauty pageant" storyline without making it seem exploitative or stupid. And Daphne's cunning little trick at the end was great.

The "Old School" version of Daphne gets a lot of flack for being a bimbo that only existed to be eye candy (and, sadly, some of it is kinda justified). So it's nice to see her being portrayed as smart, fierce, and competent in these comics.

There aren't any terribly interesting ads in this issue. But the main story kicked butt; so that makes up for it!